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Sales Services

Import Services

Tech ImpEx manages a wide range of consumer products from worldwide producers for sale and distribution throughout the world.

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Distribution Services

Export Services

Tech ImpEx is superior to the competition when it comes to distribution services. We ensure our customers have the best support in the global marketplace.

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Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Tech ImpEx provides a network of manufacturers and manufacturing services that will allow you to quickly and confidently get your product manufactured and prepared for single customer delivery or world wide distribution.

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Welcome To Tech ImpEx

We at Tech ImpEx, Inc. have over a century of combined experience in Domestic and Overseas Sales and Distribution strategy. We are serial entrepreneurs, business owners, and strategic operations professionals who can help you succeed in your product distribution efforts across a wide range of countries, markets, and opportunities.

Tech ImpEx offers a unique opportunity to develop and manage products with a wide range of tools tailored to the target market. We provide services that will fast track product market acceptance in the selected markets to sales and distribution solutions. We can even provide various funding strategies for development and capital based on your product’s innovation potential.

In this age of ongoing, changing technologies and dynamic market event management, Tech ImpEx can provide strategies that change with the market and recognize and engage opportunities as it progresses.

Tech ImpEx examines and analyzes customer product from a sales and marketing perspective by understanding market needs and sensitivity. Customer product management is our expertise and we have developed distribution models based on market factors that we research and evolve as the market place changes.

Our goal is to provide successful sales and distribution strategies for new and existing products.