Victor Saldamando Chief Executive Officer

Victor Saldamando has been a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years. Most notably, he has served as a “turnaround” CEO for over a dozen companies. He is an exceptional leader and has successfully improved companies by adhering to a superior and innovative management style. He advises investors, owners, executives, and senior management and provides operational leadership resulting in increased company value.

During his tenure, he has served as an advisor and director on both private venture capital and public boards. His leadership adds value by identifying and eliminating roadblocks, which helps companies rise to meet their full potential. He ensures that businesses have the tools necessary to effectively measure and mange their business. Mr. Saldamando is known for his negotiation skills, acquisitions and mergers, client management, due diligence, and the ability to increase cash flow.

Mr. Saldamando’s specialties are

  • Bringing an executive perspective to client companies
  • Identifying and eliminating roadblocks that are preventing companies form reaching their full potential
  • Installing fundamental procedures for business formation and executing a focused plan
  • Providing tools to effectively measure and manage the business and making pertinent changes to keep companies on track.

Michael Hidock Director of Asian Operations

Micheal Hidock has spent the last 15 years specifically focusing on overseas Operations and Supply Chain development, providing both technical support and instructional management to all levels of foreign Supply Chains with an integrated understanding of the subtleties of Chinese Import and Export requirements. Mike presently resides in Suzhou, Peoples Republic of China. His ability to communicate in Chinese, English and German, allows for a truly International expertise as well as a cultural awareness that lends itself to resolving the effects of cultural differences in overseas Operational support.

Adriana Ferreyra Director of U.S. Operations

Adriana Ferreyra gained her experience through her positions in management, business administration, and technological inventions. She contributes her experience as a team leader and a team member of numerous IP projects to help companies gain more traffic through better social media strategies. Adriana brings focus, vision, and mature judgment to Tech ImpEx. She is refining her skills by earning her degree in Technological Entrepreneurship and Management from Arizona State University.

Lucas Mancilha Director of Brazilian Operations

After attending the University of California, Berkeley, Lucas has always had lofty goals, which is what fueled his drive as the head of Tech ImpEx Brazilian Operations. In addition to his background in business administration and U.S. logistics, he is also obtaining his degree in Industrial Engineering from the Federal University of Itajubá. Because of his interpersonal, logical, and technical skills, he was able to prove himself as a key member of Tech ImpEx.